Voice Recorder, TDW Mini Voice Activated Recorders 8GB with MP3 Player USB Recharge Ultra Small Audio Recorder with Playback for Speech, Lectures, Meetings

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Why choose the TDW Mini Voice Recorder?
This mini voice recorder has a built-in 8 GB memory that can store up to 96 hours of recording.
The voice-operated recording feature allows you to skip long hours of silence and save battery life.
Moreover, thanks to its extremely reduced dimensions, it can be taken anywhere, going completely unnoticed.

- Mini size but powerful
- Works with just one button
- Voice activated Recording
- Large storage space
- Date and Time Stamp capable

You can keep the most important files on the integrated 8 GB memory unit.
It also boasts a compact and simple design.

1. The recorder system defaults to turn on the voice-activated mode. If you don't want to use voice-activated mode, please remember to turn it off first.
2. The difference between normal mode and voice-activated mode is the color of indicator light.
A. Voice-activated mode: Once you turn on the recording button, the indicator light will on a red light, then flash blue light a few times and start to recording.
B. Normal mode: Once you turn on the recording button, the indicator will on a red light, then flash red light a few times and start to recording.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions - 1.65*0.86*0.12 in (4.2 * 2.2 * 0.3 cm)
Weight - about 0.32 Oz(9 grams)
Recording format - WAV format, 192 kbps
Recording storage time - store up to 96 hours with 8 GB of memory
Recording time - about 15-18 hours
Battery - Rechargeable
Charging time - 1 hour
Supported operating systems - Windows 7/8/10 / MacOS.
Recording with Voice Activation - For details on the steps to activate the voice function, consult the manual.

Package Contents:
1 * Voice Recorder
1 * USB data / charging cable
1 * Micro USB adapter
1 * User manual
1 * Headset

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