Ultrasonic Pest Repeller(2 Pack),Ultrasonic Insect Repellent Plug-in, Pest Control For Indoor, Electronic Pests Control for Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Mouse, Flies, Spriders, Rodents, Fleas&More (5-6W)

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The 2 Pack Ultrasonic Pest Repeller,This pest fighter can be widely used in indoor

Frequency ranges: 22-65KHz
Effective coverage area: 800-1200sq ft
Power: 3-5W
Voltage: AC90-250V 50HZ
1.The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller should be avoided from being installed near crutains and carpets as these are sound absorbing materials
2.It is normal to notice an increase in mice and/or vermin activities at the beginning stage of using the product,because they will leave their nests after the ultrasonic disturbance,it could take 3~4 weeks to notice results
3.the product is to be used between the temperaturerange of 0-40 degree Celsius
4.The Product is moisture-proof but not waterproof,do not clean the product with corrosive liquid or wet cloth,just use soft and dry cloth and apply with mild cleaning detergent to clean product
5.This product should be plugged into the power source vertically and kept a distance of 30 to 45 inches away from the floor
6.Please note that if you have a hamster pet at home, please DO NOT use this electronic pest repeller
1.Repels pest area: Spiders repellent, Ants repellent, Cockroach repellent,Rodents repellent, Mosquitoes repellent, Insects repellent, Fleas repellent, Bugs repellent, Bed bugs repellent,Roaches repellent, other insects and rodents indoor(can drive away most types of flying and crawling pests)
2.The ultrasonic pest repeller is safe to human, include kids and pregnant women,pets
3.This pest fighter can be widely used in different indoor spaces, in homes, warehouses, offices, hotels, stores, hospitals, and other places

Package Including:
2 *Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
1 *English manual

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