Cigarette Rolling Machine, Three Tubes Manual Cigarette Roller Tube Tobacco Maker Tube Filling Machine - Rolling Tobacco Injector/Filler

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Weight: 140g  

Colour: Blue

Size: 13 X 9.8 X 5.8CM(5.1*3.9*2.2inch)

Material: High grade plastic + Metal


1. Fits standard cigarette tubes. (Not Included) 

2. Replacement White Chute Included. 

3. Cigarette cost is rising every year. The best way to save is roll your own cigarettes. 

4. It is obvious that you will save a lot of money. You will also know exactly what is in your tobacco. 

5. Quick & easy to use. 


1. Open the filling shaft by popping open the cover.

2. Distribute a small amount of tobacco evenly over the filling shaft.

3. Beat the tabacco with a tamper.

4. Fit the filter tube in by pushing the end slightly over the plastic end piece.

5. Close the cover, press firmly and push the lock together between thumb and index finger.

6. Push the slide in one fluid motion to the right so that it clicks and then back again.

7. Your cigarette is ready.

Package Included: 

1 X Cigarette Rolling Machin

3 X Replacement White Chute

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