Nicerebate FAQ

How do I get started?

It's very easy to get discounted products

1. First, you need to register an account, and you need to fill in your Paypal and Amazon profile url (please look at the following parts to know about how to find Amazon profile url).

2. Then, you can make a request to buy your favorite products and submit the order ID to

3. The seller will confirm your order ID, you need to leave your review after receiving the ordered product and submit your review link to

4. When the review link is verified, you will get cash back.

How to find your buyer Profile URL?

1. Log into your Amazon account.

2. Click the "Your Account" from the top menu.

3. Scroll down until you see the "Ordering and shopping preferences" sub section.

4. Click on "Profile".

5. Once you're on the profile page, copy the link (URL) from your internet browser.

Note: You can't change the Profile URL after registration

When can I get the cash back?

You need to leave your trial report after receiving the ordered product and submit your trial report link to When the trial report link is verified, you will get cash back.

When can I leave my trial report?

Please leave your trial report after receiving the ordered product. Try to spend more time to use the product and know about its features. Do not leave your trial report before receiving the product.

How to write a very good product trial report?

  • Please leave your review after receiving the ordered product. Try to spend more time to use the product and know about its features.
  • The title of your review should be a complete summarization.
  • The content of your review should cover detailed description of product experience, rather than a simple sentence.
  • Uploading real pictures or videos of the product. It is preferred that the product pictures show real scenarios for using the product. At least 3 pictures should be uploaded.
  • Providing suggestions regarding the product to sellers.
  • How to find your review permalink?

    After you submit your review on Amazon, you'll need to provide us with a link to your review.

    1. Amazon may take several days to verify your review.

    2. You will get an email from Amazon with a "Thank you for reviewing..." subject after your review is verified.

    3. Open the mail and click on "See your full review" to find your review link. Click on the link and copy it.

    4. You can also find your review from your profile as long as the review is published.

    How to get the cash back?

    We transfer the cash back through PayPal, so please make sure your PayPal account works, and there will be about (4.4%-5.4%) + £0.20 per transaction fee charged by PayPal.

    Why there is a notification of “Order ID error"? There are several possibilities, please find out the possible reasons for yours.

    1. Submitted a wrong order number.

    2. Order the product from another store.

    3. Used a coupon or order a different price product.

    4. Your order is in the "Payment Pending" status for a long time.

    5. Order the item "shipped from and sold by the seller", you should order the one "sold by the seller and Fulfilled by Amazon".

    What should I do if the price is not the same as the price on Amazon?

    Please do not order the different price item, there are clear prices on our website. If they are inconsistent, please leave feedback to us, and do not request.

    For the rebate list item, when can I get the rebate?

    After the product is delivered, please wait for the seller’s confirmation, it may take a few days, please be patient and do not apply for a refund on Amazon.

    Can I use the coupon when purchase?

    No. Please do not use any coupon when you purchase, or you will get less rebate than listed. If there is a different price between our website and Amazon, please leave feedback to us to update the price.

    Can I leave a trial report by other Amazon accounts?

    No. You must purchase and leave a trial report by your own account that is binding with your Nicerebate account. Or you will not be able to get the rebate.

    If you have any questions, you can send an email to Contact us.